Become a PRO user for free and you’ll get the opportunity to:


pro account contentlook


  • check the audit for 10 sites
  • verify up to 300 pages
  • get real-time updates
  • receive the audit by email
  • check the graph evolution over time
  • set the frequency and the complexity of the audit for each site (Example: you can choose to receive the audit every day¬†and to look over a specific area like Social)

Learn how to become a PRO user for free by helping a friend:

It’s so easy to gain all these benefits. It only takes three clicks: a friend’s site, their email address, and you can also leave them a brief message.

As you can see on your account, you have 3 invites and the possibility to refer a friend. All you have to do is type in their site and email address (you can also leave them a funny message!), and they’ll get a PRO account. When the account is activated, both you and your friend become PRO users.

It’s this simple and both of you get to enjoy ContentLook to its full extent!

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